Andrea & Andreas - Blücher Park in Cologne

Before I headed to Valencia I got the pleasure to photograph these two lovebirds in the nearby Blücher Park. It was my go-to running place and at the same time it was a great place to take some photos. Yeah, even it it meant to wait for a lot of people to go by. Sometimes some people hid behind trees, that was very kind of them! 

Andrea and Andreas were too Kind and beared the not too warm day and we walked all over the park to find the best spots and I think we got them. It is always a surprise to shoot in other Seasons and you can use what nature gives you. The light was a Little dull, but alright for that day. We used the leaves, hence the autumn vibe the shoot gave us. This Shows again, you can shoot at any time when the right People are involved. And These two were great Sports to shoot with!

I wish them both a great future and all the best. And for you Folks, the photos of that day.