I am Masi Nasr, 29 years old, from a small town called Haltern am See.  Art was always an interest of mine. No wonder my favourite course in school was art and especially tasks with expressionable art. I was not that into photography back then, this came later. First there was school, university and slowly the urge to be creative again. The studies of law can be a little boring sometimes - yeah I dared to say it. As a compensation there was photography. Gladly for me I met almost only people who were also creative besides their studies, so that I could follow my passion regardless and with the help of them.

I am always in the search of new people to meet and photograph (with). I took my time to get into photographing people, but now this is the most interesting part. It is life, it is emotion.

What does "Khitos" mean, you ask? I had an idea of a nickname on the internet related to a former favourite song of mine Samsas Traum - "Khaos Prinz und Windprinzessin" and I wanted something to do with "Kh". Simple as that. 

Being on the calmer side of characters you can best get to know me further in a personal conversation. Do you have time for a cup of coffee?


Sidenotes of things I love:

My fiancée Hélène - my cat Matteo - my family - Pizza - the band Explosions In The Sky - series: Friends and Friday Night Lights - movies: City Lights and Amélie